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Planning for what happens
next  in the Sturgeon Valley

The Sturgeon Valley is home to more than 4,300 people. With nearly 90% of its residential lots already developed and surrounded by the growing municipalities, this unique and important part of Sturgeon County requires new plans to responsibly guide its growth into the future.

Developing the Sturgeon Valley our own way
Sturgeon County has been working with our regional partners to create a vision that complements the unique needs of Valley residents. Various complementary long-range plans will seek to balance affordability, existing development and new opportunities. 

A responsible way forward
Developing our Sturgeon Valley must be done in an economically and environmentally responsible way, while maintaining what’s most important to residents. To do this, we will be championing existing natural features while encouraging new, innovative design techniques. Our Future Valley will be mindful of the compatibility of uses, our existing community, and future opportunities. 

Planning today for tomorrow’s Valley
We need to hear your thoughts, concerns, and ideas for your vision to help us shape Our Future Valley. Once new plans are created, the changes will not happen overnight but their impact will influence generations to come. 

What's involved

Municipal Development Plan Amendment
Sturgeon County's Municipal Development Plan or MDP is a land use planning document that guides growth, land use and development within the County.  The MDP provides developer certainty, which attracts investment and enables business to thrive. It also sets out areas for environmental protection, as well as setting policies to create strong communities and support heritage.

Creating a new Area Structure Plan
The new ASP will reflect the aspirations for the Sturgeon Valley Special Study Area, whilst reflecting overarching planning documents such as the Edmonton Metropolitan Region Growth Plan and Municipal Development Plan, and being informed by numerous studies undertaken, namely the Sturgeon Valley Growth Framework and Financial Impact Assessment.  

The existing Sturgeon Valley Core Area Structure Plan
In response to the Sturgeon Valley Special Study Area (SVSSA) policies being enacted through the Edmonton Metropolitan Regional Growth Plan (EMRGP), updates to the Sturgeon County Municipal Development Plan (MDP) and the Sturgeon Valley Area Structure Plan are required to ensure policy alignment.

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Key Resources

Key Documents Informing the Sturgeon Valley Project

Relevant Documents from Other Muncipalities

  • St. Albert Annexation
    After nearly three years since the formation of the Annexation Negotiating Sub-Committee, St. Albert City Council and Sturgeon County Council approved the negotiated annexation agreement on September 21 and September 22 2020, respectively. St. Albert City Council also gave direction to its administration to make an application to the Municipal Government Board (MGB).
  • Goodridge Corners Neighbourhood Area Structure Plan
    The Goodridge Corners Neighbourhood Area Structure Plan was adopted by Edmonton City Council in 2014 and has an overall density of approximately 42 du/nrha. Discussions regarding potential sale of City of Edmonton owned land in Goodridge Corners was initiated at the February 24, 2020 City of Edmonton Executive Committee Meeting. Plan amendments to the Goodridge Corners NASP were then initiated at the March 9, 2020 City of Edmonton Council meeting.

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